ISPRS Technical Commission VIII Symposium

This symposium will be co-sponsored by the ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) and the JSPRS (Japan Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing). ISPRS is a large international organization that includes remote sensing, photogrammetry and GIS. ISPRS consists of eight technical commissions which hold meetings in various parts of the world. Each Commission is entrusted to an Ordinary Member organization for the four-year term between Congresses, such as the year 2010. Presently, Japan is in charge of the Technical Commission VIII (The president of this commission is Professor Haruhisa Shimoda of Tokai University, Tokyo). The Technical Commission VIII consists of 10 working groups covering almost all the fields of remote sensing applications. In August 2010, the Commission VIII symposium will be held in Kyoto.

Recently, climate change issues including the increase of natural disasters, desertification, and the reduction of bio-diversity, have been rising continuously. With the economic chaos that started at the end of fall 2008, it is time for human beings to start thinking seriously about the approaching end of mankind on Earth. Looking back to history, life on Earth can be divided into four ages: the age of the creation when the earliest form of life started, the age of reconstitution when the eukaryotes were created, the age of diversification when many kinds of animals were created and, at present times the age of the brain with the human being increasingly contributing to the shaping of the Earth system (influence of human activity). Depending on our will, we can decide on what is the ideal way for human life on Earth. We need to understand the Earth and the human society accurately so that, we can make correct choices. For this purpose, spatial information, and connections between short and long term time sequential information at all scales are crucially needed. Remote sensing is one of the most effective technologies that offer such information to humans. For the humanity, at the crossroad of the year 2010, Networking the World with Remote Sensing is essential. This will be the major theme of research presentations and discussions for the many domestic and foreign specialists who will meet together in Kyoto. We are looking forward to the participation of everybody.

The major theme is “Networking the World with Remote Sensing”.

Papers are solicited on all topics covered by the Commission but especially focused on the following subjects:

  • Disaster Management
  • Health
  • Atmosphere, Climate and Weather
  • Water
  • Energy and Solid Earth
  • Agriculture, Ecosystems and Bio-diversity
  • Forestry
  • Land
  • Oceans
  • Cryosphere
  • Policy
  • Maintenance and Updating of Spatial Databases

Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Energy, EPA

Mon-Thu, Aug 9-12, 2010, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Kyoto International Conference Center
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto JP
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