Future Warfighter Symposium

This educational Symposium will engage the DoD, Military Services, industry and academia in a collaborative, open forum to discuss the  near term combat environment and threats the Warfighter is facing and the technological solutions and ‘leap ahead’ research and innovations to help improve their capabilities, performance and survivability.

Opic Areas To Include:

  • Understanding the near term combat environment and threats the Warfighter is facing
  • Advanced materials and fabrics to aide in clothing efficiency : heat/cold weather, wicking, waterproofing
  • Augmented reality technology and tactical operations
  • Wearable robotics and advancements in human- machine integration
  • Next-gen research in personal protective equipment / exoskeletons : malleable fabric exosuits, and ‘liquid armour’ and buoyant body armor
  • Energy and Power for the dismounted Soldier: energy harvesting capabilities, improved battery power (supplying, harnessing and generating power)
  • Research in technologies for Warfighter Performance Enhancements
  • Integrating biometric sensors and monitoring physiological data : Overcoming challenges with collecting, analyzing and disseminating data in an austere environment
  • Biomimetic applications: new technologies inspired by biological solutions at macro and nanoscales for the dismounted Warfighter
  • Improving digital integration on the dismounted Warfighter

Speaker and Presenter Information

Early announced speakers (15 plenary sessions will occur):


BG Brian Mennes

USA, Director, Joint and Integration, G-8, HQDA

on rebuilding the Army's strategic readiness: A perspective of the impact on the future soldier


COL Ed Barker

USA, PM Soldier Warrior, PEO Soldier

on supporting tomorrow's soldier through the acquisition of integrated systems


Dr. John Pazik

SES, Department Head, Expeditionary Maneuver

Warfare and Combating Terrorism Department, ONR discussing current research


COL James Miller

USA, Director Joint Acquisition Task Force (JATF) TALOS, USOCOM

providing an update on TALOS and the integrated acquisition process


Col Brian L. Magnuson

USMC, Director, Expeditionary Energy Office, HQMC

briefing on meeting the power demands of the dismounted Warfighter in distributed operations across the Battlefield


Dr. Rajesh Naik

SES, Chief Scientist, 711th Human Performance Wing, Air Force Research Laboratory

providing a discussion on human-centered research to optimize and protect tomorrow's Airman


COL Richard Malish

USA, Commander, U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory

discussing current research towards supporting health, performance, and safety of the Aviator, the Airborne Soldier, and the Ground Warrior


Dr. Mark Livingston

NRL, Head of Virtual Environments and Visualization

on augmented reality for the dismounted Warfighter

Expected Number of Attendees


Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, DOD & Military, Dept of Homeland Security, National Guard Association

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Tue-Wed, Apr 25-26, 2017, 8:00am - 4:00pm


Industry:  $795.00

Mary M. Gates Learning Center
701 North Fairfax St
Alexandria, VA 22314
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