Drug Pricing Congress

Stakeholder Initiatives on Value Frameworks, Price Assessments, Cost-Effectiveness, Innovation and Sustainability

The drum beat around escalating drug pricing has intensified, and various models, frameworks and assessment methodologies are rapidly materializing. The implications for all stakeholders within the healthcare system are paramount, and the opportunity to steer the course is now.


This one-day event will convene stakeholders stretching across the healthcare system, including government regulators, manufacturers, health plans, PBMs, medical associations, patient groups and quality measures organizations. Hear expert perspectives on the issues driving escalating drug pricing, the development of therapy value frameworks, private sector initiatives and emerging models for sustaining innovative, cost-effective and value-driven healthcare.

Who Should Attend:

You will benefit from attending this event if you have responsibilities or involvement in the following areas:

  • Health Policy
  • Pricing
  • Contracting
  • Reimbursement
  • Pharmacy
  • Benefit Management
  • Value Assessment
  • Medicare
  • Health Economics/HEOR
  • Patient Access
  • Managed Markets
  • Compliance

Speaker and Presenter Information

The Importance of Long-Term Value Assessment of Innovative Therapies

Kristin Viswanathan

Director, Health Policy and Research, Biotechnology Innovation Organization


Drug Pricing, Affordability and Value-Based Healthcare

Murray Ross

Vice President, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.


Mechanisms Driving Drug Pricing and Affordability within Medicare

Leigh Purvis

Director of Health Services Research, AARP’s Public Policy Institute (PPI)


Trends in Generic and Branded Prescription Drug Costs

Rashmi Agarwal

Assistant Director, Health Care, US Government Accountability Office (GAO)


Promoting Innovation and Ensuring Patient Access to Novel Treatments — Current Issues with Drug Price Assessment Frameworks and Reliance on QALYs

Robert Goldberg, Ph.D.

Vice President and Co-Founder, Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Health & Human Services

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Thu, Apr 27, 2017


Onsite Rate:  $1599.00

To Be Announced
Washington, DC

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