Foundations of Capture Management - Bid & Proposal Academy Course

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Your chances of winning Government proposals without capture are the same as cutting classes during the semester and hoping to get an A on the final exam.


Foundations of Capture Management course will arm you with real knowledge and tools you can apply immediately to capturing contracts and dramatically improving your odds of winning.


Master techniques for customer engagement, intelligence gathering, win strategy development, competitive analysis, teaming, solution development, and more. This is an interactive 2-day workshop that is 50 percent lecture, 40 percent exercises, and 10 percent discussion. It will teach you real skills to raise win probability of the Government contracts you pursue.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding where capture fits in the business development lifecycle.
  • Identifying six types of decision makers and developing relationships with the customer.
  • Preparing customer profile and contact plan.
  • Collecting the opportunity intelligence in ethical ways and analyzing it for applicability to the capture effort.
  • Developing a capture plan.
  • Developing a win strategy and compelling win themes.
  • Identifying top competitors and performing competitive analysis.
  • Identifying and vetting potential teammates.
  • Postulating the requirements before RFP issuance.
  • Developing Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and solution sets for proposal sections.
  • Staging capture materials for proposal.
  • Preparing a proposal plan and capture schedule.
  • Organizing the capture team.

Relevant Government Agencies

Federal Government

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Tue-Wed, Jun 19-20, 2018, 9:00am - 5:00pm ET


Course fee:  $1390.00

OST Global Solutions - B&P Academy
7361 Calhoun Pl
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Rockville, MD 20855
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