The Basic Concepts of ELINT

The Basic Concepts of ELINT

Thursday, May 7, 2020 14:00 -15:00 EDT


Modern Electronic Warfare as is commonly defined is made up of 3 key components: Electronic Attack (EA), Electronic Support (ES), and Electronic Protection (EP).  However, Electronic Warfare heavily relies on Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and the data it provides including radar operating parameters, waveform details, geo-location, and other pertinent information.


This session in the AOC EW series covers the importance and function of ELINT, its similarity and differences with Electronic Support and Radar Warning Receiver functions. Concepts of Operational ELINT and Technical ELINT and the ELINT enterprise will be discussed.


Although ELINT is technically a subset of SIGINT or Signals Intelligence, ELINT specifically deals with radar signals, whereas SIGINT is often associated only with Communication or data link signals.


Technical ELINT then deals with interception, collection, analysis identification and recording, and documentation of emitter radiations or signatures. Although often non-real time in the past it is becoming forced to be more real-time to keep pace with the modern battlefield.


The term Operational ELINT is used by some in the community to describe actions taken to search, intercept, locate, and identify radiated electromagnetic energy for the purpose of real-time exploitation of such radiations in support of military actions. This definition is often used to describe the same functions as ES, whereas ES was more often applied to tactical platforms and Operational ELINT to more strategic or national platforms.


Both aspects will be discussed and how the lines between them have become blurred in today’s rapid paced battlefields. Overviews of signal data bases and information provided to users will be reviewed at a high level. This webinar will also touch upon key methods for measuring and characterizing radar characteristics using modern digital receivers.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Brian Moore has over 35 years of experience in EW, ESM, ELINT and EA. This includes system engineering, functional design, requirements definition and analysis, development, integration and test of RF hardware, digital receivers, firmware, signal processing, and software algorithms for a variety of AF, Navy, Army and national platforms.


Employed at Research Associates of Syracuse (RAS) since 1996, he is responsible for overall technical direction of RAS, as well as its’ majority owner. He has led development of advanced concepts for EW, ES and ELINT systems and digital receivers, automatic processing for wideband signals, multi-technique specific emitter identification, Combat ID and multi-function, multi-INT receiver architectures. He has led several radar and EA signal data collection efforts to obtain stressing, challenging signals of interest. Areas of interest include digital receivers, signal processing of modern complex signals and low-probability of intercept and detect (LPI/D) waveforms, parameter measurement assessments, automatic modulation recognition, interference mitigation, direction finding, and emitter identification. Mr. Moore conducts short courses and seminars in these topics and authored system guides for Interferometers, TDOA systems, and ES systems for the Air Force.


Prior to RAS, from 1980 to 1996, Mr. Moore held a variety of positions from entry level to Principal Engineer - EW Systems (GE/Martin-Marietta/Lockheed Martin 1980-1996). He was involved in many EW and ES efforts from research, design, prototype, and production development, field test, and technical management. He was involved in EA technique development, assessment, field and flight testing, as well as a major contributor on a high priority FME effort. He was major designer and contributor to the first fielded airborne EW digital receiver, and led signal identification and direction finding measurement algorithm development, analysis, and assessment. Mr. Moore has performed threat radar analysis and assessments of EW systems for USAF applications. He provided technical guidance for business development in electronic warfare and direction finding architectures, technologies and techniques for avionics, space, underwater, and land-based applications. As Program Manager / Technical Director - Special Projects, Mr. Moore directed the development of a classified ESM system with responsibility for technical performance, cost, and schedule.


He is a long-time member of the Empire Chapter AOC, served on the Board of Directors, and is currently serving as president of the chapter. He has presented papers at various AOC events.

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Thu, May 7, 2020, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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