Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum

Chemical Engineering and Catalysis World Forum is organized by Continuum Forums and will be held from September 06-08, 2021 in Copenhagen, DenmarkCECWF-2021 anticipates a worldwide audience of delegates including distinguished speakers, researchers, students, medical and industry professionals to come together on a global platform to share their current research ideas and technological advancements concerning Chemical Engineering and Catalysis.

The main aim of this dynamic event is to provide opportunities for academic and industry professionals in Chemical Engineering to interact with each other and exchange information from world-leading leaders in these fields.

The event will include several plenary talks and keynote lectures by eminent scientists and researchers in these specific fields together with video and poster presentations, contributed papers, discussions, exhibitions, and workshops. Through networking and sharing, CECWF-2021 will provide numerous opportunities for educators, practitioners, and researchers to exchange practical experiences, research evidence, and innovative ideas on different areas of Chemical Engineering and Catalysis.

The mission of CECWF-2021 is to foster and support the growth and advancement of Chemical Engineering and Catalysis as the foundation from which different fields of Chemistry, Molecular Biochemistry, Biology, and several other interdisciplinary fields derive their basic ideas and techniques. We hope this forum will help you stay at the forefront in your quest for new knowledge in these sciences for the advancement of human welfare.

We look forward to welcoming you to CECWF-2021 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Christo Boyadjiev

Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

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Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, State Government, State & Local Government, Professors, Scholars, Researchers, Students

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