GTEC 2011

Connected Government - Working Together to Better Serve Canadians

Given the need to work horizontally across departments and jurisdictions to improve service delivery and diminishing budgets, the pressure on governments to leverage efficient, secure, and reliable technologies has never been higher. In 2011, GTEC will help you prepare for the tsunami of change ahead by gathering delegates from across Canada to collaborate and participate in discussions on:

  • Collaboration through connections -- connectedness within the public service at large and with the public they serve
  • Completing the service loop -- working together and collaborating within the public service and with external partners to satisfy citizen and business expectations to provide better and a more seamless service experience
  • Embracing the technology - Leveraging and renewing the technology and information infrastructure and deploying new and emerging technologies that promote more collaboration and connections
  • Protecting the individual and government -- adopting and reinforcing the information policy and practices that are necessary to balance the demands for more connectedness ,convenience and transparency while at the same time protecting the privacy of the individual
  • Examining the communities and organic organizations that are emerging in response to a more connected and mobile service provision environment
  • Understanding the people and the relationships - cross-functional, cross jurisdictional, public-private partnerships that are emerging to provide better more seamless service

More About GTEC

GTEC brings together leading public and private sector experts to collaborate on serving citizens better through innovation and technology. Our conference, exhibition and Distinction Awards program celebrate the best of breed technology, and best practice leadership in Canadian and international government.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Corinne Charette Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada John Clarkson Deputy Minister of the Department of Innovation, Energy and Mines in the Province of Manitoba William Eggers Global Director, Public Sector Industry, Deloitte Research Jim Davies Chief Technology Officer, Mitel Vivek Kundra Federal Chief Information Officer, United States of America Sean Kenny Senior Vice President, Industry Services and BPO, HP Enterprise Services, Hewlett-Packard Company

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Mon-Thu, Oct 17-20, 2011

Exhibit Dates
Tue-Wed, Oct 18-19, 2011


Conference Bundle:  $1195.00
Expo Plus:  $495.00

Ottawa Convention Centre
Ottawa, ON CA

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