Disaster Management

In the face of a changing climate and the increased frequency and power of extreme weather events, the need to effectively manage natural disasters has grown more and more evident. There is a persistent need for emergency managers across the United States and the world to be prepared and equipped to respond effectively to the latest disasters to mitigate casualties and damage to property, infrastructure and ecosystems.


The Disaster Management Online Summit, taking place digitally this June 28-30, 2021 aims to promote collaboration, coordination and communication across the varied agencies involved in disaster mitigation, detection, response and recovery throughout the US and the world. There will be two tracks, each devoted specifically to hurricane response and wildfire management.


Our speakers, events and programs will address the use of innovative strategies and emerging technologies, as well as outline best practices for agencies and organizations. Our Summit will use the innovative online conference platform Brella, which provides capabilities for social-media like networking and live Q+A with our esteemed speakers. Join us and participate in the premier forum for interfacing with key government, industry and research personnel across the emergency management community.

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Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Agriculture, Dept of Energy, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Housing & Urban Development, EPA, GSA, NASA, State Government, County Government, City Government, Municipal Government, FEMA, Coast Guard, FAA, Federal Government, State & Local Government


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Mon-Wed, Jun 28-30, 2021, 11:00am - 4:00pm


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3-Day Pass Academia / Non-Profit:  $2265.00

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