Looking to the Future of Cybersecurity, the Network, and SASE

Computing and the innovation that it brings is, once again, in an era of transformation. With unprecedented network speeds and ultra-low latency, the way processing power will be used is constrained only by the imagination. And, along with this new era and power in computing comes more opportunities – for the business to prosper and deliver powerful outcomes, but also for adversaries to gain access to an enterprise’s most valuable assets.


We know that cybersecurity teams play a critical role in protecting digital assets. The more mature a cybersecurity team is, the better equipped they are to deal with the basics such as training, authentication, and patching. But what about those cross-functional aspects of security such as the visibility of the network and security? How should organizations be preparing for new cybersecurity realities in a software-defined world with the cloud as the primary place for workloads?


Organizations need a well-defined plan on how they will adapt to a software-defined world in a new era of computing. Join us to discuss:

  • How the network and security are converging to deliver greater visibility
  • The benefits of removing legacy silos within the enterprise
  • Why now is the perfect time to focus on advanced strategies in cybersecurity

Join Phil Quade, CISO of Fortinet and Theresa Lanowitz of AT&T Cybersecurity as they discuss what this disruption in compute means for cybersecurity and networking.

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Phil Quade, CISO, Fortinet

Theresa Lanowitz, AT&T Cybersecurity

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Tue, Apr 20, 2021, 12:00pm CT

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