FedID 2021

FedID 2021 • Virtual Event Part I and II: 8/23-8/25 and 8/30-9/1 •
In-Person Event: 8/26

Planning for FedID 2021 has been the most difficult we have ever encountered as we not only have COVID-19 uncertainties but also unprecedented trickle-down financial issues within several of the government’s identity programs. Nonetheless, federal agencies have maintained focus on holding the event –the identity matters the nation is facing requires public-private collaboration, and FedID is the interagency’s primary means for enabling these needed conversations to take place.


FedID 2021 will be a predominantly virtual event, taking place August 23-25 and August 30-September 1. An additional in-person, limited attendance, event that focuses on a key issue is also being considered for August 26th. The structure and plan we are creating will enable the participation of, and conversations between, government and nongovernmental entities that need to take place while staying within this year’s atypical constraints. We also are planning to use FedID as a mechanism to gather community-wide insights in the development of a FedID “Learning Agenda” that will help guide policymakers as they prioritize future government identity efforts.

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DOD & Military, Dept of Homeland Security, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government

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Mon, Aug 30 - Wed, Sep 1, 2021

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