Authority without Arrest: Resolving Conflict and Gaining Compliance in Campus Policing

Campus police and security serve and protect thousands of college and university students across the country. They enforce campus rules, investigate crimes, and ultimately keep students safe and accountable. While many campus officers are armed in case of extreme danger, few have the power to arrest. Their authority is fortified through communication and trust. In an age where law enforcement is viewed skeptically, especially among young people, strengthening skills in conflict resolution and communication is essential. In this hour, we will discuss the conflict officers encounter on campus and key skills from Insight Policing: Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement that use communication, discovery, and critical thinking to work through challenging encounters for effective results.


The live webinar event is free to attend.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Alex Lucero, Assistant Director of Campus Safety and Security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Megan Price, Ph.D. is Founder and Director of the Center for Applied Insight Conflict Resolution

Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Education, Dept of Justice, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Tue, May 10, 2022, 1:00pm - 2:15pm ET

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