Strengthening Cyber Resilience with Zero Trust and Emerging Technologies

The exponential growth of cyber threats such as malware and data exfiltration has seen officials at all levels of federal, state, and local government reevaluating their best practices for securing their IT systems and critical infrastructure against malicious actors who threaten their wellbeing.


Add to that, traditional IT security defense are failing, allowing bad actors to get through firewalls and anti-virus products. And, for organizations and agencies with limited resources and capabilities, these attacks represent an especially significant concern, and many are turning to Zero Trust Data Management principles to harden security measures and adopt secure access controls across networks, applications, and devices.


What are some best practices for Zero Trust Adoption, and for cyber resilience more broadly? How can organizations build resilient recovery plans before a cyber attack even occurs? Which organizations are most vulnerable to these new forms of attack? In this episode of GovExec TV, join GovExec and Rubrik as they convene a panel of federal, state, and industry IT experts for a discussion on the latest trends in cyber security best practices and the steps that can be taken to protect against growing threats to the networks and systems we rely on every single day.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Ted Ross

City of Los Angeles


Dorothy Aronson

National Science Foundation


Jeffrey Phelan
Public Sector CTO



Jonathan Hatmaker
Data Management Lead, Public Sector



George Jackson
Executive Producer

GovExec TV

Relevant Government Agencies

Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Wed, Dec 8, 2021, 1:00pm ET

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