Cross Domain Technical Forum

Leading up to 9/11, information sharing among federal agencies was weak, at best. 


In efforts to address this serious and systematic flaw, a new group of technologies – called cross domain solutions – emerged to enhance the federal government’s ability to access and send information from one security-level network to another. From there, the National Cross Domain Strategy & Management Office – NCDSMO set out to help agencies work together to make better sense of all the shared information and data. NCDSMO's annual Cross Domain Technology Forum (CDTF) brings together international attendees to collaborate in real time, build partnerships and advance technical knowledge of crucial cross domain technology.  


CDTF is the only event of its kind in the U.S. It pulls together Intelligence Community from groups – that are very rarely, if ever, in the same room – to talk about the latest technical topics. CDTF presents a beneficial opportunity for companies to get in touch with a unique section of the information technology world, as it impacts every branch of the Intelligence Community.


This year will be the biggest CDTF to date. Across the 2-day forum, there will be nearly 500 attendees from all over the world focused on finding solutions for Intelligence Community offices and the personnel who support them. Exhibitors and sponsors can network with the top international thinkers from:

  • Air Force Research Lab
  • Army
  • Australian Signals Directorate
  • CIA
  • Coast Guard Cyber Command
  • DoD
  • DIA
  • DISA
  • FBI
  • NGA
  • NRO
  • NSA
  • Royal Canadian Air Force
  • And other cross domain professionals

Exhibitors may attend the sessions with proper clearance. Due to venue size, space for exhibitors is extremely limited. Don’t miss out – sign up early!  

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Intelligence Agencies, DOD & Military, Federal Government, Foreign Governments/Agencies, Cross Domain Technology

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Tue-Thu, Jun 27-29, 2023

Exhibit Dates
Tue-Wed, Jun 27-28, 2023


US Government, US Military, and FVEY Partners:  $0.00
Contractors and Industry Partners:  $225.00

Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab
11100 Johns Hopkins Road
Laurel, MD 20723
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