Electromagnetic Battle Management

Electromagnetic Battle Management … What does it really mean? What knowledge is needed to make it real? What tools are needed to make it an activity? How can a real solution be built and fielded? This webinar addresses all of those topics from the perspective of a technologist who has worked in this field for 30+ years … EMBM, EMSO, EW, SIGINT, Spectrum Management … where is our community coming from and where do we need to get to in order to truly OPERATE in and through the spectrum battlespace? Let’s talk about it!

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Dustan Hellwig Dustan has been working in the spectrum, EW, and “digital battlespace” environments for almost 32 years. As the CEO and CTO of CTI, Dustan focuses on strategic planning, corporate growth, innovation, and finding the best ways to “Bring Technology to the Fight”. After graduating from Virginia Tech in Mathematics, Dustan was also awarded a Master’s degree from the Inversity of Maryland in Computer Systems Management and another Master’s degree from American Military University in Space Studies. Dustan has been a software developer, engineer, architect, and business owner over the past three decades. Dustan resides in Colorado and when he is not on the road interacting with customers, employees, and partners he can be found hiking or snowshoing with his wife and dogs in the Colorado mountains.

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Thu, Jun 30, 2022, 2:00pm - 3:00pm ET

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