Annual Scientific Meeting of the Aerospace Medical Association

This event qualifies for 22.5 CME credits

The year’s theme is “Honoring the Past ... Preparing for the Future.

Since announcement of the Artemis program, efforts are underway to return humans to the Moon after more than 50 years. Throughout the Apollo, Skylab, ISS, and now Commercial Crew program, substantial advances in technology have arisen, and a greater understanding of human physiology and performance have progressed through longer duration spaceflight. Lunar missions will entail combined governmental, commercial, and International Partner collaboration. Extravehicular activity, environmental, and habitation challenges will be substantial. General, civil, and military aviation have also seen significant advances over past decades. Human factors, safety, mental health, and environmental aspects merit continued vigilance. Expansion of unpiloted aerial vehicles and eventual transorbital flight provide unique challenges. Advanced telescopes are re-writing the Astronomy textbooks with the search for planetary locales potentially harboring the building blocks of life. Developing the next generation of scientists, engineers, researchers, and clinicians for the exciting years ahead requires our collective energies. 

As aerospace medicine is truly multi-disciplinary and international, our presentations come from diverse experts who will enhance the world’s knowledge and understanding of the current challenges in Aerospace Medicine and demonstrate an impact on improving the health, safety, and human performance of those involved in aviation, space, and extreme environments. Our annual scientific meeting presents an opportunity to learn about the work of our colleagues from around the world, to share the knowledge and wisdom which we gain in our day-to-day work and professional practice and is a great way to expand the overall community of aerospace medicine.


Educational Objectives & Benefit
Based upon responses to a survey provided at the end of each scientific meeting, the top 6 categories our members indicated a need for more information in were: Aerospace Medicine; Space Medicine; Medical Standards; FAA Medicals; Human Performance; and Accident Investigation. The 93rd Annual Scientific Meeting program will be focused on these six major categories. Sessions will cover the latest findings in the fields of aviation and space medicine, human performance, and related fields such as aerospace nursing, aerospace physiology, and human systems integration.

Abstracts are centered on the meeting objectives, which are aligned with the theme. The participant will:

  • apply principles of evidence-based medicine, operational risk management, and aeromedical decision-making in aircrew selection and clinical aerospace medicine practice;
  • learn about evolving trends and best practices in aerospace medicine;
  • analyze mechanical, human performance, and systems integration factors in aviation mishaps and safety programs;
  • identify mechanical, biological, social, cognitive, environmental stress, and systems factors that impact on optimal human performance and decision making in the full spectrum of aerospace operations; and
  • apply ethical principles to aerospace medicine decision-making and foster competency in professionalism and systems-based practice in the application of aerospace medicine skills, teamwork, and interoperability in a multi-discipline professional environment.

Relevant Government Agencies

Air Force, Army, Navy & Marine Corps, DOD & Military, Dept of Health & Human Services, Dept of Homeland Security, Dept of Transportation, Dept of Veterans Affairs, NASA, Coast Guard, FAA, National Guard Association, Federal Government, State & Local Government, Foreign Governments/Agencies

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Sun-Thu, May 5-9, 2024, 8:00am - 5:00pm CT

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Sun-Tue, May 5-7, 2024


Student:  $125.00
Resident:  $400.00
Member (Advance):  $550.00 (Until 05/04/2024)
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Non-Member (At-the-Door):  $950.00

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 E Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60601
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