Embracing Flexibility and Innovation to Modernize Clinical Trial Analytics and Reporting

The past several years have seen a trend in the pharmaceutical industry to modernize the processes and technologies supporting clinical development. A significant area of focus for modernization has been biostatistics and data science, especially statistical programming in the context of clinical trial data analytics. Statistical computing environments (SCEs) are not a new concept, but there has been a shift in how the problem is being approached and how solutions are being designed. 
GSK recently conducted a large-scale clinical modernization program, and Eileen Ching has led the effort for Biostatistics to modernize statistical programming and data science within that program.  First adopter studies are now being delivered in the new solution, and migration planning activities from GSK’s legacy SCEs are actively underway. Caroline Phares has worked with Eileen, both as Eileen’s technology partner at GSK and now continues to support Eileen as Domino’s Head of Health and Life Sciences.
Join Eileen and Caroline as they reflect on the challenges, lessons learned, and unexpected delights along this journey of transformation, from solution design through to production implementation and execution of live studies. You will: 
  • Understand the challenges which can be expected when undertaking a change of this magnitude
  • Learn best practices when designing and implementing new processes
  • Discover how the Domino platform operates at the heart of a modern and future-proof SCE solution

Speaker and Presenter Information

Eileen Ching
Director of Clinical Programming, Research & Development, GSK
Caroline Phares
Head of Health and Life Sciences, Domino Data Lab

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Dept of Health & Human Services, Other Federal Agencies, National Institutes of Health, Federal Government, State & Local Government

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Thu, Oct 13, 2022

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