Protecting Academia - Securing Students and Staff from Cybercriminals

Proofpoint and Carahsoft invited individuals and their cybersecurity teams to join them for an informative presentation on how to protect yourself and your organization from phishing attacks. Our expert speaker, James Stroud, Senior Sales Engineering Manager at Proofpoint, will cover the basics of phishing, the consequences of falling for a phishing attack, and best practices for protecting against them.
Attendees in this on-demand webinar learned:
  • Different types of phishing
  • How to identify phishing
  • Strategies for protecting against phishing to protect students and faculty
Attendees learned how to stay safe and automate cybersecurity practices in the digital age.
This webinar was a great educational discussion for Texas K-12 cybersecurity professionals. Watch the on-demand recording!

Speaker and Presenter Information

Ryan Witt

Industries Solutions and Strategy Leader,


Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Education, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government



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On-Demand Webcast

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Proofpoint Government Team at Carahsoft

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