Enterprise Generative AI Summit

Due to ongoing feedback from our audience and expert speaking faculty we made the decision to re-locate to California, and we're delighted to be bringing many of our expert speakers and partners along with us to join a plethora of expertise on the West Coast to discuss how Enterprises can create safe and affordable Generative AI.


The Enterprise Generative AI Summit is the premier conference for enterprise AI pioneers who are actively integrating generative AI models into their businesses.

With an industry leading speaking faculty and audience consisting of enterprise technologists from a diverse cross-section of industries, attendees will have the chance to learn from, meet, and network with generative AI experts from across the finance, pharmaceutical, tech, consumer, transport, manufacturing, communications, and other industries.


Key highlights for 2024:

  • For Data Scientists: Explore our data science track for topics such as open vs close source systems, finetuning and pre-training models efficiently, cost effective model serving and inference, data protection and data optimisation, infrastructure and risk management frameworks and more. All sessions are designed to promote the development and deployment of safe, efficient, and affordable generative AI within enterprises.
  • For Business Leaders: Get up to speed with the fundamentals and most recent developments of generative AI for safe and affordable enterprise use. Explore our business leaders track to learn about generative AI related enterprise workforce optimisation, investment in infrastructure, and risk management frameworks. Other topics include upskilling your teams, risk averse use case selection, cost effective scaling techniques, legal requirements, ethical implications and more.
  • For Technology Vendors, Consultancies, VCs and Start Ups: Learn the pain points and priorities of leading enterprises tackling the development and deployment of generative AI. Meet, network, and engage with a cross-section of leading enterprise technologists looking to invest in generative AI solutions at all levels!

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Tue-Wed, May 21-22, 2024, 10:00am - 3:00pm PT


Enterprise Business Leaders/Data Scientists:  $999.00
Tech Ecosystems/Consultancies/Investors:  $1699.00

Embassy Suites Milpitas
901 East Calaveras Boulevard
Mountain View, CA 95035
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