DoDIIS Worldwide Webinar Series: Securing the DoD and the Intelligence Communities

Yubico and Carahsoft hosted this webinar leading up to DoDIIS 2023 and explored how your team can innovate, adapt, and collaborate in service of your mission goals by utilizing emerging technologies.

Zero Trust is vital to maintain robust data security and easy information sharing across the Department of Defense (DoD) and intelligence communities. Previously, DOD professionals relied upon issuance of credentials stored on single-protocol smart cards, creating UX complexity, an increased cost of supporting devices, and limited usage across devices and systems.


Zero Trust and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) are quickly becoming the new bulwark against modern cyber threats, including emerging quantum threats.


To optimize information sharing, provide robust data protection, and ensure that agencies continue to safeguard the nation’s most sensitive information, a Zero Trust security model with a strong identity credentialing and access management (ICAM) stack that supports secure credential issuance on an AAL3 phishing-resistant authenticator, is key. Each of these requirements would be supported by an approved multi-protocol, multi-factor, AAL3 hardware authenticator that has a valid FIPS 140-2 certification.


This on-demand session described the value of modern authentication, phishing-resistant protocols, and how hardware-based multi-protocol authenticators can secure users across the DoD and Intelligence Communities.

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Alex Antrim, Senior Solutions Engineer, Yubico

Relevant Government Agencies

DOD & Military, Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government



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On-Demand Webcast

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