Technology Forum North America
Date: Mon-Thu, Sep 9-12, 2024
Where: Austin, TX

Forrester is pleased to launch a brand-new event in our portfolio: the Technology Forum 2024. It brings the best of our tech and data events into one supercharged event to help you enable an insights-driven business and capture, transform, and deliver insights from data at scale with AI.


Why the change? Because you can only achieve business success when tech and data teams are aligned on growth and opportunity. This is Forrester’s premier technology event for fostering innovation and driving growth from data, AI, technology infrastructure, and software. Tech professionals, data and analytics leaders, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and analysts will gather to exchange ideas, highlight cutting-edge innovations, and discuss the latest models, practices, and strategies they use to fuel growth with alignment.


By bringing together cutting-edge technology and data intelligence, we’re providing you with the knowledge to not only stay ahead of the game but also completely command your tech alignment and business outcomes. There’s no better opportunity to propel your cross-functional learning journey and inspire you to make an even bigger impact with data and technology.


Take your place alongside tech, data, and business leaders who want to:

  • Improve business growth, revenue, and performance.
  • Leverage the power of data, AI, and technology tools.
  • Strategize, innovate, and operationalize a tech- and insights-driven agenda.