FS-ISAC 2024 Americas Spring Summit

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Please note: As of 5 January, this event will be held in person. We are monitoring the progress of the variant closely and will keep the community informed of any changes. See our FAQs for additional information pertaining to pandemic-related precautions.

The New Cyber Era: Hyper Connected & Unbound

As financial services rapidly digitize around the world, cybersecurity is now a business priority. The high-profile supply chain attacks and explosion of ransomware over the last year are not happening in a vacuum.


Several fast-moving trends are transforming financial services: a widespread move to the cloud, new fintech players gaining ground on traditional financial institutions, and growing use of cryptocurrencies by institutional and retail investors.


This convergence of trends and threats means we are more interconnected and interdependent, necessitating a reimagining of cybersecurity for an era of constant change and ever-more complex cyber risks that know no borders.


Join our summit to stay at the forefront of these new technology trends and emerging paradigms. A mix of sessions covering relevant topics and more around:


  • Technology, Cloud, Application, and Data Security
  • Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Resilience
  • Payments and Currency
  • Cross-Border Intelligence

Relevant Government Agencies

Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government

Sun-Mon, Mar 3-4, 2024, 12:00pm - 5:00pm PT

San Diego, CA

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