Infosec Incident Response & Network Forensics Training Boot Camp


During the Incident Response Training and Network Forensics Boot Camp, you gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills. Here are the key areas covered in the course:

  • Incident response planning: Learn how to develop effective incident response plans and strategies to detect, respond to and mitigate security incidents.
  • Incident detection: Understand the techniques and tools used to identify and detect security incidents, including analyzing indicators of compromise and conducting triage.
  • Network forensics: Explore the methods and techniques for investigating and analyzing network-based attacks, including packet capture and analysis, flow analysis and network artifact discovery.
  • System compromise analysis: Learn how to investigate compromised systems, identify traces left behind by attackers on the network, disk, and in volatile memory and conduct forensic analysis to determine the extent of the compromise.
  • Log analysis: Discover how to analyze various types of logs, such as event logs and firewall logs, to identify suspicious activities and uncover evidence of security incidents.
  • Incident containment: Master the techniques for containing security incidents and preventing further escalation, including isolation procedures and quarantine considerations.
  • Incident eradication and recovery: Learn how to remove intruder access, restore system capabilities, and close out security incidents to ensure a full recovery and prevent future incidents.
  • Incident reporting and coordination: Understand the importance of effective incident reporting and communication, including liaising with law enforcement and coordinating incidents with external organizations.

Relevant Government Agencies

DOD & Military, State & Local Government

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Mon-Fri, Feb 19-23, 2024, 8:00am


Attendee:  $4599.00

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