Import/Export Compliance Seminars in Charlotte, NC

Import & Export Trade Compliance Seminars in Charlotte, NC 

Import & Export Trade Compliance Seminars in Charlotte, NC. Create a competitive advantage over your competitors with us, by understanding your customs and regulatory obligations. Our courses can help protect yourself and your company from fines and penalties. Learn to minimize risks and optimize your trade compliance program.


Courses available (one or more)

  • Exporting Procedures 
  • Tariff Classification 
  • Country of Origin 

Speaker and Presenter Information

Speaker: Adam Palmer 


Adam Palmer is a trade consultant with a passion for helping customers build and maintain effective and efficient trade compliance programs. He is the principal of Trade Compliant, a company that supports large multinational companies and smaller organizations looking to expand their import or export activity.


His expertise includes performing trade program assessments in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa for companies and on behalf of companies that are acquiring another organization. Through extensive remote and on-site audit activities, his assessments identify an organization’s trade activities, capabilities, and requirements to address gaps and minimize risk. Adam is passionate about this work because he has seen firsthand how it can drive import and export process improvement while aligning trade staff across an enterprise. His work enables companies to reap the rewards of international trade, while avoiding the pitfalls of non-compliance.


Adam’s international trade and compliance experience is augmented by a background in law, operations, and training development. In addition, he is a longtime member and avid supporter of the Midwest Global Trade Association (MGTA), where he currently serves on the Board of Directors and previously served as vice president. He also serves on MGTA’s Education Committee, where he has created a number of well-received courses, including an innovative export controls course that featured a panel of enforcement staff from OEE, HSI, and the FBI. Adam is also a member of the International Compliance Professionals Association (ICPA) and is a former member of the Twin Cities Import Export Council.

Relevant Government Agencies

Dept of Education, Dept of Transportation, USPS, Federal Government

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Tue-Fri, Jun 18-21, 2024


Exporting Procedures:  $645.00
Tariff Classification:  $645.00
Country of Origin:  $395.00
Country of Origin:  $395.00

Charlotte, NC

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