Customer Experience for Public Sector

Customer experience in all forms of business is transforming. The touch-points between a provider and a consumer are adapting to meet new demands and new technical developments. In the public sector, these transitions are becoming more and more prevalent..

Customers want to be able to email, tweet, text, live online chat as well as be able to call. They want answers and solutions to their problems faster and more efficiently. Major federal, state and local government bodies as well as non profits are looking to integrate these rising trends.

The complexities of questions are also rising as many customers even in the public sector are more connected then ever. They are involved in local government and policy change. They expect effective and quick communication on social media, a place many in this sector are relatively new too.

This years program focuses on the elements of project management and process improvement that will allow public sector and non-profit organizations to prioritize their implementation, culture management, training methodology and communication channel growth, all with the end goal of building a more effective and responsive government/ customer relationship.

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Debra Spinazzola Chief, Customer Services Branch US Census Bureau Marilyn Elledge Retired Senior Vice President Donor Experience St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Joe Morrisroe Executive Director NYC311 and at City of New York Rosetta Carrington Lue Contact Center Director City Of Philadelphia Nick Schaper Executive Director of Digital Strategic Communications U.S. Chamber of Commerce Adel Ebeid Chief Innovation officer City of Philadelphia & G7 Council Phill McGowan Director of Communications and Digital Strategy Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pace Customer Service Chief, US Department of State US Department of State Lori O'Brien Director of National Development Youth Villages

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Wed-Fri, Oct 24-26, 2012

20 F Street NW Conference Center
Washington, DC
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