Generative AI Unleashed: A Transformational Series

Embark on a transformative journey with our upcoming Generative AI series, where breakthrough content creation meets cutting-edge engineering solutions.

This new series is an evolution of our original series (see below for on-demand access instructions), shifting the discussion from GenAI design and implementation strategy to specific use case considerations needed for a successful project outcome. Real-world examples will provide valuable lessons and best practices. Whether you need help setting the vision, managing up, or implementing your GenAI strategy this series will provide valuable insights into how to make Generative AI real.

From natural language coding to document automation to Digital Assistants, this series covers the spectrum of Generative AI applications, providing insights for business and technology leaders alike. Don't miss this opportunity to propel your organization into the next era of innovation and register today!


  • 2/29/2024  Breakthrough Content Creation with Generative AI -Take productivity to the next level with AI-augmented content creation. Personalize messaging, address more categories, and enable every employee to accelerate their workflows.

  • 3/28/2024  Unlock Engineering Excellence with Design and Data Creation- Improve your engineering and product creation with access to AI-augmented engineering and synthetic data creation. Explore new use cases, create digital twins, and test, and validate everything.

  • 4/25/2024  Wrangle Generative AI with Policy Creation Best Practices- Explore Generative AI and see why “No” cannot be the extent of your policies. We'll look into best practices for policy, and enforcement, and why providing an organization-wide approach to GenAI is so important.

  • 5/30/2024  Improve Employee and Customer Experiences with a Digital Assistant - Generative AI   can deliver an always-on window into your organization. Supercharge worker productivity, create transformative customer experiences and ensure you're always putting your best face forward with a Generative AI digital assistant.

  • 6/27/2024  Deliver Next-level Developer Productivity-   Explore natural language coding (no code/low code) software development with   Generative AI. We'll explore code development, IT operations, automating documentation creation, and unit testing using GenAI as a tool.

  • 7/25/2024  Accelerate Comprehension with Document Automation - Become an expert in anything, prep for a   last-minute meeting, uncover the value of documents, and communicate it succinctly. With document automation using Generative AI everyone from the busy executive to the front-line worker can find time to get up to speed.

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