Teaming Co-Op Forming to Pursue DHS - Pacts III $8.4B RFP and Other Future Opportunities






No business is an island in the government marketplace. At some point, you will need teaming partners. Whether it’s a subcontractor, joint venture, mentor-protege, or a standard teaming collaboration, you’ll need these partners to help you land more contracts. Over 70% of federal opportunities require two or more partners to bid or perform on them. This is often an area where businesses wish to have a portfolio of companies to choose from to meet all the RFP and performance requirements.

  • Date: Feb 22nd
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The key ingredients for winning contracts often include some of these factors:

*Relationships: The strength of the capture managers and your company's relationships with the customer or a contracting officer “KO” is often the most important factor. This starts with relationships among your peer contractors, who may open doors to agencies that you may not have access to.

*Past Performances: Most projects require 3 relevant past performances as part of the proposal package. This area is often a challenge for some companies. Your goal in preparing to address this requirement is to start by being a subcontractor, but this can take too long. A shorter path is engaging in a teaming partnership with others who have past performance in areas you may lack.

*Management Team: Some projects require key personnel that your company may not have. You may not have a deep bench of professionals. Hiring new staff is out of the question on a tight budget. You can recruit and sign a contingent-to-hire person, but that talent may not be around when you land your award. Having a collective of teaming partners can help you fill these gaps.

*Technical Solution: Your technical approach and your ability to explain it through technical writing sets your company apart from your competitors. You need SMEs and a strong proposal team to help you address your technical approach.

*Pricing: Pricing is often a major factor in the decision process, especially if it is LPTA/price sensitive. To be competitive, you’ll need other service providers outside your company to keep your operational costs low.

*Small Business Certifications: Large companies need small businesses with certifications to support projects with subcontracting requirements and to potentially pursue set-aside opportunities. Small businesses need large companies for subcontracting opportunities and to take the lead on sole-source and set-aside initiatives. Working in a collaborative manner helps both sides to achieve these needs.

*Other Key Factors: There are other key ingredients such as compliance, professional licenses, quality standards, clearances, cyber security, insurance, financial capabilities, and other factors that are needed to be successful in landing contracts.

Many of the above resources inherently require multiple companies to collaborate in a cooperative manner. This is at the heart of why you should attend this Teaming Co-Op webinar.

If you are interested in finding teaming partners, building trusted relationships, or creating a portfolio of ready-to-support partnerships, then this upcoming informational webinar will show you what Teaming Co-Op is all about.




What you will learn in this Teaming Co-Op Webinar:

*Details on the DHS-PACTS III $8.4B RFP.

*What is a Teaming Co-Op?

*How does a Teaming Co-Op work?

*Why should you consider joining a Teaming Co-Op Chapter?

*How would a Teaming Co-Op help you win more contracts?

*What are the benefits of teaming and partnering with other companies?

*What are the pitfalls of not having a teaming partner?

*What are the differences between subcontracting, teaming, JV, Mentor-Protege, and other types of partnerships?

*Why does the GovCon market prefer teaming vs a single company?

*What are the qualifications for joining a Teaming Co-Op?


Attend this webinar to learn and get answers for the best practices of teaming and how to join a Teaming Co-Op.

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