Upskilling & Reskilling for a Tech-Driven Public Sector

The exciting rise of artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing presents a pressing need for public sector workforce transformation. Federal system integrators (FSIs) must ensure their staff are properly equipped with the right knowledge, skills and resources to support government officials on their path to efficiently harnessing cutting-edge technologies that drive innovation.


Enter upskilling and reskilling. Upskilling expands and advances employees’ skill sets, while reskilling helps personnel acquire new skills beyond their current expertise. Together, these two forms of training enable FSIs to foster specialized talent and cultivate a versatile workforce, empowering public sector leaders to effectively leverage emerging technologies.

Join Washington Technology and Pluralsight as we discuss how FSIs are implementing robust upskilling and reskilling plans to help government leaders build a tech-driven public sector. We’ll explore how FSIs are nurturing current talent and bridging skill gaps so government agencies can deliver on mission goals.

Speaker and Presenter Information

Joellen M. Jarrett
Chief Learning Officer, Chief of Organizational Effectiveness

U.S. Small Business Administration


Tony Holmes
Practice Lead

Solutions Architects Public Sector


Nick Wakeman

Washington Technology

Relevant Government Agencies

DOD & Military, Federal Government

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Tue, Apr 16, 2024, 2:00pm ET

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