Unleashing Data Insights: MySQL HeatWave and Machine Learning Mastery

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to extract actionable insights from data is paramount to staying ahead of the curve. That's why MySQL and Carahsoft hosted an exclusive session dedicated to MySQL HeatWave—an informative webinar on how to supercharge your Tableau and MySQL performance and unlock new possibilities for data-driven decision-making.


Access the recording to discover the unparalleled capabilities of HeatWave—an analytics engine renowned for its lightning-fast query performance, scalability and user-friendly interface.


The informational webinar covered how HeatWave can pair with Tableau to:

  • Enhanced Performance: By harnessing the power of HeatWave, you can dramatically accelerate your Tableau and MySQL queries, enabling quick and confident decision-making based on real-time insights
  • Scalability and Ease of Use: HeatWave's seamless scalability and intuitive design simplify your workflow, ensuring maximum efficiency in handling even the most complex datasets
  • Integrated Machine Learning and Lakehouse: With HeatWave's built-in Machine Learning features and Lakehouse architecture, you can seamlessly query both MySQL and non-MySQL workloads, unlocking valuable insights across your entire data ecosystem
  • Tableau Optimization: Gain valuable insights into configuring Tableau to fully leverage HeatWave's capabilities, opening up new avenues for visualization and analysis that were previously inaccessible

Speaker and Presenter Information

Lee Stigile, MySQL Director-Solution Engineering


Tony Darnell, MySQL Principal Solution Engineer

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Other Federal Agencies, Federal Government, State & Local Government



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On-Demand Webcast

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