Gov 2.0 Camp Los Angeles

First West Coast Government 2.0 "Un-Camp". This will be focusing on the language and marketing needed to bring the dialog around Government 2.0 innovations and technology to fruition.

There is a tremendous interest in the depth and scope of these transformational changes that are occurring.

2009 was the Year of "What is Government 2.0?" " How does it get defined and what lingo gets assigned?"

2010 is going to be the Year of "Agile Implementation of Government 2.0 Tech."

How do complicated technological and societal transformational changes and tipping points get turned into practical action? How can private/public partnerships go beyond the traditional government contracting model - and enter in "Agile" contracting across the full Federal GSA spectrum, as well as DoD and Intel communities?

State Governments are starting to take a lead in implementation of Government 2.0 tools. How can the State Governments teach the Federal Government new best practices?

How can Hollywood's marketing muscle and know how be used to break down language barriers and create a common need for Government 2.0 technology deployment in 2010 and beyond?

A hybrid event, Government 2.0 Camp Los Angeles will be creating three major topic themes - through which the participants can self organize both prior to the event during the camp as well. We seek input from you - engage in the conversation. What are your ideas? What three areas are most important in the shift from a discussion about implementation to a discussion about best practices, and broad acceptance and response to the dialog so successfully launched earlier this year in Washington, DC at the various Government 2.0 events?

Fri-Sun, Feb 5-7, 2010, 6:00pm - 4:00pm

Los Angeles, CA

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