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Top 5 Security Challenges in Cloud Migration
Security tools are often incompatible or simply not optimized for the cloud or deployment processes. This means that security ends up causing high overhead due to multiple environments requiring unique tools, thus hindering your ability to streamline operations. Security tools may work well in one cloud environment but are too inflexible for the needs of a hybrid cloud. Agencies need adaptable security tools that fit anywhere they build, from...
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A Better Approach for Agencies to Put S...
The recent shift towards DevOps makes it clear that Federal agencies are moving forward with adopting this operational model to facilitate the practice of automating development, delivery, and deployment of mission-critical software. While the traditional idea of a software release dissolves into a continuous cycle of service and delivery improvements, agencies find that their conventional approaches to software security are having a difficult...
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An AppSec Awareness Program for Develop...
Today, agencies are striving to improve their application security programs, while at the same time, not slowing down the development, delivery, and deployment of their software applications. Can a balance be achieved between security and an organization’s (or agency’s) daily business requirements? We know it’s possible. Application Security (AppSec) Awareness Programs that are specifically focused on the development communit...
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