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Gigamon - Improve Your Network Visibility
Security and monitoring tools are a huge investment. Organizations typically use 6-12 highly specialized security and monitoring tools in their environments. To operate most effectively, these tools should only inspect relevant network traffic. However, they often inspect all network traffic, dramatically reducing their efficiency and speed. Gigamon's products filter out traffic that is irrelevant to a specific tool and delivers only traffic r...
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Government Cloud Computing: The Latest...
As Cloud Computing approaches maturity it is transforming the face of enterprise IT. In the public sector, government organizations are aggressively moving to capitalize on the cloud’s myriad benefits to increase operational efficiency and reduce cost of ownership. These benefits apply to crucial areas such as IT consolidation, shared services and public-facing citizen services.Even though cloud solutions are becoming commonplace, there...
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Self-Interference Cancellation: Full-Du...
Self-Interference Cancellation: Full-Duplex RevolutionThursday, April 18, 2019 14:00 -15:00 EDT ABOUTSelf-interference cancellation invalidates a long-held fundamental assumption in wireless network design that radios can only operate in half duplex mode on the same channel. Beyond enabling true in-band full duplex, which effectively doubles spectral efficiency, self-interference cancellation tremendously simplifies spectrum management. It...
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