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Optimizing Security Operations Programs...
The goal of SecOps teams is to monitor, detect, investigate, and respond to suspicious activity and events. This often leaves them in a reactive state — with minimal opportunity to reduce false-positives and innovate. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. One key aspect of forward-looking, mature SecOps programs is the ability to gather context from data sources to inform — and expedite — investigations. In this sessi...
December 1, 2021
Organizer: SANS Institute
Location: Webcast
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Intelligent Automation Week Winter
Intelligent Automation is back in person with the latest thought leaders for a packed agenda! Filled with interactive workshops, enlightening keynote speakers, 6+ hours of networking, and topics ranging from scaling RPA, to Hyperautomation aligning with modern, intelligent enterprises. IA Week Winter Summit is key for any professional who wants to jumpstart, upskill or demonstrate thought leadership in their IA career. Join us and get ready fo...
December 1-3, 2021
Organizer: IQPC
Location: New Orleans, LA
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Data For AI: December 2021 with Anil Ku...
Featured Guest Speaker: Anil Kumar, Executive Director and Head of AI Industrialization at Verizon! As companies are looking to leverage cognitive technology, and deploying machine learning models, organizations need to make sure they have the correct people, processes, and technology in place to succeed. In this presentation, Anil will share what AI industrialization is and how Verizon is moving from pockets of AI/ML to AI/ML being implemente...
December 2, 2021
Organizer: Cognilytica
Location: Webcast
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The 5th International Workshop on Big D...
The big data paradigm has become an inevitable aspect of today’s digital forensics investigations. Acquiring a forensic copy of seized data mediums already takes several hours due to the increasing storage size. In addition are several other time-consuming laboratory analysis steps required, such as evidence identification, corresponding data preprocessing, analysis, linkage, and final reporting. These steps have to be repeated for every...
December 15-18, 2021
Organizer: IEEE
Location: Virtual
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Threat-informed Operational Technology...
Protecting critical infrastructure through Operational Technology (OT)/Industrial Control System (ICS) cyber defense is an ever-changing and evolving field required to continually adapt cybersecurity strategics to meet new challenges and threats—all while maintaining the safety and reliability of facilities and production operations. The purpose of this survey is to poll organizations that operate OT systems– this includes ICS, OT,...
February 3, 2022
Organizer: SANS Institute
Location: Webcast
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Gartner Data & Analytics Summit
Unleash Innovation. Transform Uncertainty. Enterprises are heading not toward a “new normal” but rather a “no normal” — an environment of uncertainty and ambiguity that requires continuous flexibility, innovation, and investment or reinvestment in data and analytics strategy. Data and analytics are now vital to business strategy, adding significant value to digital transformation initiatives. Gartner Data & An...
March 14-17, 2022
Organizer: Gartner
Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL
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AI in RegTech Summit
Discover how AI & machine learning are impacting regulatory processes from leading innovations across industry, research and regulatory bodies. New this year: Receive access to multiple stages to optimize cross-industry learnings & collaboration Solve shared problems with 600+ attendees during round table discussions, Q&As with speakers or schedule 1:1 meetings Attend technical labs, participate in practical workshops & meet in...
April 14-15, 2022
Organizer: ReWork
Location: New York, NY
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