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Stop Issuing Secure Credentials to Imposters
Much has been said about the difficulties in screening persons for possible imposter fraud or security concerns based upon use of current identity documents like birth certificates, driver’s licenses or passports. The most often reasons given are the lack of standardization of security features and the layout for these documents. This criticism is focused on the inability of even a trained person to recognize valid documents and the spec...
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Proactive Cyber Deterrance
Cyber risk is a product of threats, vulnerabilities and consequences. Driving any one of these to zero, will achieve zero risk. Most of us do not have a James Bond 007 license and thus cannot eliminate threats. For some time the general belief has been that all vulnerabilities can be eliminated, thus driving cyber risk to zero. Are there any CISOs who are telling their CEOs that all vulnerabilities are eliminated? Detection is a much more diff...
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Introduction to Peach Fuzzer and Fuzzin...
An on-demand webinar that introduces Peach Fuzzer and overviews our fuzzing technology. Peach Fuzzer is an automated security testing platform that finds unknown vulnerabilities in software & hardware systems, IoT & embedded devices. We help identify unknown vulnerabilities so you can close them and help prevent zero-day attacks.
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