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Our Mission Is To Provide Our Clients with the Reading
And Writing Skills to Succeed in School, On the Job and In Life

Advanced Reading Concepts conducts personalized instructor based Speed Reading Plus™ courses and Reading Faster to Understand More™ seminars and workshops on-site for the military, government, corporations and associations nationally. In addition, we teach individuals from these organizations and the general public at our Columbus, OH location in private or small public classes.

Our programs involve teaching how to physically see more at once and to think in concepts instead of individual words. We combine getting the concepts for understanding the material with strategies for remembering the details that are necessary. Our courses focus on reading any kind or information with higher speed with greater comprehension and recall -- from screening information instantly for value to a system for mastering highly technical information. A popular and significant part of our program is a note taking method used for both mastering technical information and for organizing material for writing documents, reports and making presentations.

Our programs include:

 Speedreading Plus™ Technical Reading and Writing – 9 and 12 hour programs for corporations, engineers, scientists, intelligence analysts, accountants, etc Available nationwide on-site and in public classes in Columbus, OH

 Speedreading Plus™ Study Skills – 12 and 15 hour programs for students
 Available in Columbus public classes and special summer school programs

 Reading Faster to Understand More™ - 2, 4, 6 hour seminars and workshops for associations, business groups, corporations, in-service programs for educators, etc

 WIIFM Stick™ - thumb drive review program for graduates of our programs

 Reading Faster to Understand More™ online introductory program

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