The Pentagon already is moving quickly to implement its Zero Trust strategy, and sees it as a foundational part of IT modernization and digital transformation, whether on a battlefield or in essential functions such as logistics. The DoD CIO provides guidance on everything from Zero Trust to improving the military’s cyber workforce, identity, credential and access management (ICAM), and secure mobile data access, to name just a few.


Join us as thought leaders from military agencies and contractors share their insights into progress on implementing a zero trust architecture, which cybersecurity challenges are the highest priority, and what they have learned about tactics and strategies in cyber conflict.


We’ll Discuss:

  • Identify where DoD is concentrating its resources to thwart cyber threats and bolster defenses.
  • Review emerging technologies such as software-defined segmentation and secure access service edge, that are being employed to safeguard DoD networks.
  • Outline the progress being made in implementing zero trust throughout the government’s largest agency.