Application segmentation is a component of any Zero Trust strategy and differs significantly network segmentation. While network segmentation is designed to keep a cyber-attack from spreading from one infected network to those it’s connected with, it is not intended to keep it from spreading within the network. Application segmentation addresses that shortcoming by addressing communications between application components, regardless of the network they reside on. It works within a zero trust environment and reduces the attack surface while providing real-time visibility into application communications, such as identifying both necessary and unnecessary application communications.


Join us as thought leaders in government and industry discuss zero trust and microsegmentation and their role in securing government networks.


We’ll Discuss:

  • Understand the differences between network segmentation and microsegmentation, including their applicability to the cloud
  • Identify the usefulness of visibility into network segments, and where unexpected apps may be connected
  • Delineate the role of rules in controlling lateral movement within a network