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Government Cybersecurity Virtual Summit
Gone are the days when cybersecurity issues were relegated to the back office IT shops. Now security is a part of how all of government works. However, just because maintaining high performing cybersecurity systems is a major priority for all agencies doesn’t mean there aren’t still challenges. Everything from ransomware, to insider threats, to optimizing cyberphysical systems are critical issues for agencies. In order to better un...
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Show Me the Money: Transforming Gov's B...
Managing hundreds of grants and collecting the proper data is not easy, which is why governments need a grant management strategy. In 2013, the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy, prompting them to revolutionize their approach to funding by targeting grants. In six years, Detroit went from 156 to 411 grants awarded, transforming the funding model of the city. Watch the on-demand webinar to discover how state and local governments can follow...
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