Vision 2024: The Future of Technology in Government - San Jose, CA

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Government at all levels is moving as quickly as possible to integrate new solutions and overhaul processes that need streamlining. At the same time, officials are keeping close watch on AI and other emerging technologies, wary of the law of unintended consequences. For instance, in early September California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order directing state agencies to study the development, use and risks of generative artificial intelligence, as a necessary precursor to AI governance.


At the same time, many states are rethinking how they interact with and deliver services to their residents. The mass adoption of smartphones has led many constituents to use them to access government programs; this has meant web page redesigns and simplification for many widely-used benefits. It also places further emphasis on improved cybersecurity, to protect visitors’ privacy and security.


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the changes in constituents’ access to services that drive agencies to update and upgrade their technologies
  • Establish metrics to measure the improvement in service delivery
  • Delineate the ways that AI can be used to streamline agencies’ performance
  • List the criteria for incorporating AI into agency operations
  • Review the state of cybersecurity in your organization and list areas that need improvement
  • Define the emerging types of cybersecurity threats and measures intended to counteract them

Speaker and Presenter Information

Scott Conn, CIO, Modesto CA

Scott Conn

Chief Information Officer,

Modesto, CA


Khaled Twafik, Director of Information Technology & CIO, City of San Jose CA

Khaled Tawfik

Director of Information Technology & CIO,

City of San Jose, CA


Jake Sager, Senior Director, Platform Strategy, Granicus

Jake Sager

Senior Director of Platform
Strategy, Granicus


Rita Gass, CTO and Innovation Officer, Rancho Cordova, CA

Rita Gass

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, 

Rancho Cordova


Ajay Gupta, Chief Digital Transformation Officer, CA Department of Motor Vehicles

Ajay Gupta

Chief Digital Transformation Officer,

CA Department of Motor Vehicles


Hong Sae, CIO, City of Roseville

Hong Sae, 

Chief Information Officer,

City of Roseville, CA



Eudora Fleischman, IT Infrastructure & Security Manager, City of Fairfield, CA

Eudora Fleischman

It Infrastructure 

& Cyber Security Division Manager, 

City of Fairfield, CA 


Donald Hester, Cybersecurity Advisor, CISA

Donald Hester

Cybersecurity Advisor, Region 9



Tony Giandomenico, VP Global Security Consulting, Fortinet

Tony Giandomenico

Vice President,

Global Security Consulting,



Jane Norris, Moderator & Contributing Editor, FedInsider

Jane Norris

Moderator & Contributing Editor,

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Thu, Dec 7, 2023, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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San Jose Marriott
301 South Market Street
San Jose, CA 95113
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