Vision 2024: Digital Transformation in State & Local Government Albany, NY

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The state of New York and many of its cities are aggressively pursuing a strategic overhaul of the delivery of services to residents. For instance, the state’s 2022-23 IT strategic plan emphasizes improving IT resiliency in part by getting away from legacy systems, implementing an enterprise architecture, and improving demand management and service delivery, to name a few. The state recently unveiled its new statewide cybersecurity strategy.


Meanwhile, New York City’s Office of Technology and Innovation has its own IT strategic plan, focusing on such goals as universal broadband access, simplifying online service delivery, and harnessing data to advance data-driven operations. And both consider using innovative technologies to deliver superior experiences a critical advantage in building a stronger economy.


Learning Objectives:

  • Outline the role of data in improving existing services and identifying opportunities to provide new services, both statewide and at the county/city level
  • Review the elements of the state’s cybersecurity strategy and how it is connected to the work of the new Joint Security Operations Center
  • Identify the role of identity management and multi-factor authentication in both improving the customer experience and strengthening privacy and security for internal and external users of state services

Speaker and Presenter Information

Improving the Customer Experience Through Data Analytics 

Moses Kamya, Deputy Commissioner of Shared Services, NY State Office of General Services

Moses Kamya

Deputy Commissioner of Shared Services,

NY State Office of General Services


Improving Cybersecurity in a Hyper Connected World 

Francine Byrne, Director of Information Technology, NY State Bridge Authority

Francine Byrne

Director of Information Technology

NY State Bridge Authority


Thomas Connolly, Deputy Executive Director, NY State Board of Elections

Thomas Connolly

Deputy Executive Director,

NY State Board of Elections


Deborah Blyth, Executive Strategist, CrowdStrike

Deborah Blyth

Executive Strategist,



Expanding Multi-Factor Authentication for all

Meghan Cook, Director, Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT), NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

Meghan Cook

Director, Cyber Incident Response Team,

NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services


Jeremey Benedict, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Jeremey Benedict

Senior Solutions Engineer,




Hosted by:


Jane Norris, Moderator & Contributing Editor, FedInsider

Jane Norris

Contributing Editor,



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Thu, Apr 11, 2024, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

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Hilton Albany
40 Lodge Street
Albany, NY 12207
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