Meeting the Needs of the Federal Workforce

The U.S. Federal government is the single largest employer in the country (even just counting civilian employees, not military). With the size and scope of work involved in running our government programs, this community of over two million people is incredibly diverse, but there are some commonalities in terms of workforce challenges and concerns.

  • Automation - There is a real fear as digital initiatives become routine and administrative tasks are automated, machines will take over the work of humans. However, workforce and technology leaders have said over and over this is simply not the reality. Yes, certain tasks that people used to do will be handled by machines, but that shift frees up those same people to do other, more valuable work. The government is committed to "reskilling" the workforce to be able to rise to these new, more innately human tasks and, in turn, expect to see increased job satisfaction as people move from rote, mundane tasks, to activity that has a closer connection to the mission of the organization they work for.
  • Relocation - The military has grown accustomed to the BRAC process as bases are closed or their use changes to better support the realities of global defense. However, relocation is now a reality for the civilian workforce. With telework and remote workforces now better enabled, it is not as critical that all workers are located in Washington, DC. The government, including the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior, has been looking for ways to consolidate operations in areas that are more central to the constituents they serve and are in areas of the country with lower real estate prices and cost of living.
  • Stability - Once thought to be the most stable of jobs, recent spending impasses and resulting government shutdowns have left one in four government workers worried about the impact a shutdown would have on their life.

Addressing these concerns is critical to maintaining a workforce that can carry out the lofty mission of keeping our country safe and competitive. With private industry having more flexibility to offer perks and higher salaries, it is imperative that leaders of government teams have the latest data and techniques to create an environment that supports public servants in their careers with government. Luckily, there are a number of events that can provide just that.

  • ServiceNow Federal Forum - Service-Focused Government: Mission Simplified (February 26, 2020; Washington, DC) - This event looks at how transforming workflows enables a service-focused government. This focus on automation and the impacts it has on how we work provides insight for better implementation of digital processes in any agency.
  • Government, By the People (February 27, 2020; Atlanta, GA) - Government is at an inflection point as long-brewing demographic changes begin to hit with full force. This presents both a challenge and an opportunity to reshape, retrain, and reskill the federal workforce. At this event, Government Executive's editors will engage federal leaders, doers, and innovators in discussions about how agencies are addressing the situation and shaping the government of tomorrow.
  • FCW Digital Transformation Workshop (June 9, 2020; Washington, DC) - Digital transformation is the process of rethinking and retooling business processes, workplace culture, and user experiences. As a holistic approach to IT, digital transformation requires a fundamental rethinking of how organizations operate. This workshop will explore the outcomes of digital transformation, including retooled business processes, workplace culture and change management, and automation and workflow.
  • SHRM 20 (June 28-July 1, 2020; San Diego, CA) - The Society for Human Resources Management's annual conference provides fresh points of view and inspiring stories that will help shift perspectives and deepen understanding of a broad range of HR topics and workplace issues.
  • Workforce Development Conference (June 28-July 1, 2020; Pittsburgh, PA) - The International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) presents this conference to provide a unique opportunity to hear global perspectives on workforce issues from participating countries.
  • ATD Government Workforce (September 12, 2020; Washington, DC) -The ATD Government Workforce Summit is designed to share human capital and talent development best practices, with an emphasis on practical application and implementation across government agencies. Through interactive sessions and panel discussions, this event will address leadership development, employee engagement, as well as learning and development innovations within the public sector.

Let us know where you are learning workforce management strategies. Share your thoughts in the comments. Please visit GovEvents for more government events worldwide.

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