Predictions Check-in: Big Data

In our predictions article, we highlighted Big Data as a hot topic for 2015. Looks like we were not the only ones pinpointing this topic as critical for the IT community. It has made a number of 2015 trends/predictions lists. One article though jumped out at us. An Information Week article looking at Big Data trends specifically called out the proliferation of education opportunities as a key trend in late 2014 and moving into 2015.[Tweet "Big Data education opportunities still a key trend"]

On our site alone we have 60+ upcoming events that are Big Data specific. As the Information Week article points out, many of these are offered by vendors looking to fill the void of big data expertise and academics. But it seems the lack of academic study of Big Data is being addressed in a number of online courses and degree programs.  This article highlights 10 online courses that are providing the training and knowledge that IT professionals need to stay ahead of the big data curve. These courses are mostly technical in nature, not focused on a specific domain, providing the technical training on Big Data that was not available even a year or two ago.

As government IT professionals, you (our readers), will need to mix this technical acumen with real-world applications in the government setting. That's where the listings on GovEvents may help round out your understanding of and ability to apply Big Data to your agency's mission.

With this insight in mind, we're sticking by our original prediction of Big Data and Security colliding into a megatrend addressed by events and training, and we're adding a corollary that to fully meet the Big Data need, IT pros need a healthy mix of academic and practical training forums.[Tweet "To meet the Big Data need, IT pros need mix of academic/practical training."]

Let us know what you are seeing in the area of Big Data training and events. What has been the most valuable for you?


Photo credit:  Camelia.boban

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