Update Your Event Through Sponsorship

Virtual Reality, Streaming Video, Mobile Apps, Fitness/Health sessions - these are all hot trends at events and can make one event stand out among the rest. But how do you integrate them into an event that is working on a tight budget and even tighter resources. The answer? Sponsorship.

We've written about the changing expectations of sponsors. No longer is a logo on a sign enough incentive for companies to support your show. They want interaction with attendees, they want a deeper connection. Creating a whole new sponsor program to accommodate this need can feel like another item on the to-do list, but if you combine these opportunities with your desire to update your event you end up killing two birds with one stone.[Tweet "Combine the updates to your event with updates to your sponsor opportunities. #GovEventsBlog"]

Beyond developing new ways to get attendees and sponsors to interact, like one-on-one meetings and speaking slots, look for other ways to get sponsor brands in front of attendees beyond signage and printed programs. There are likely many elements you have been thinking about adding to your event - mobile apps, healthy/green choices, new social and digital channels.

Cross reference your potential sponsor list to see if there's a match. Is there a mobile company who can build a mobile app for you in exchange for branding on the app? Is there a company willing to donate reusable water bottles with their logo on it to use at the event? Could someone underwrite the video stream in exchange for their brand being part of that stream? Seeing sponsor technology and expertise in action through these logistical show elements builds a deeper understanding of what the sponsor company can do and what they stand for.

With these new options available to higher-level sponsors, you now are open to bringing on newer, smaller companies that can help cover traditional sponsorship-funded budget items. Think about expanding the types of sponsorships you offer to include a lower point of entry. While it's still not enough enticement to charge sponsors to put their logo on a sign and nothing else, you can identify creative ways to get those companies access to the people they want to meet. This is something they will pay for but will cost you little to execute.[Tweet "Identify creative ways to get sponsors access to the people they want. #GovEventsBlog"]

  • A sponsor package could include an agreement to facilitate a certain number of one-on-one meetings or introductions. In addition to being a low-cost option, the event planner has the added benefit of extra contact with key attendees on behalf of the sponsors and this option can make a big impact for smaller companies looking to build their network.
  • Consider social media as a sponsor perk. Offer a certain number of social posts from the show about the sponsor's presence at the event as a stand-alone sponsor package. Increased exposure for the sponsor and more content for the show's feeds.
  • If you hold events throughout the year consider a "lot" price if a company wants to sponsor multiple events. You could also include access to smaller events throughout the year as part of a sponsor package for a large conference. This has the added benefit of making sure that company is engaged with your brand all year.[Tweet "How have you broadened the scope of your event with sponsorships? #GovEventsBlog"]

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how to broaden the scope of your event by broadening the types of sponsorships offered. Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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