Event Selection Criteria for Exhibitors/Sponsors

In a relationship-driven market, where you spend your time and money is critical. Add the pandemic to that for a radical new twist. Events of all kinds have always been a cornerstone of the GovCon market: briefings, seminars, conferences. You name it; we have them.

Over the years I have had numerous discussions with both event producers and those sponsoring or exhibiting events. I have produced many of my own as well.

When I get a call or email from someone asking me if they should participate in (pick an event), my first question is always, "What do you want to accomplish?"

Then we dive into details.

First, what is the pedigree of the event producer? There are several excellent organizations producing GovCon events: event companies, trade media, associations and even contractors who produce their own, like Amazon and Carahsoft. There are also the "occasional visitors" to our market who are not what I think of as properly pedigreed, as well as those with no background in events. Opt for those who are pedigreed - those who are here day in and day out. Continue reading

Amtower & Co. Launches Professional Education Program for Government Contractors

Amtower & Company, a leader in providing marketing consultation services and workshops to government contractors has formally launched the Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education program for marketing and business development.

According to Mark Amtower, "the Government Market Master program is designed to do one thing very well: provide an ongoing educational forum for government contractors who want to succeed by providing key employees with the resources and industry best marketing practices they need. These include tools and tactics to cost-efficiently market and position the company, methods to expand their respective networks, connect to key decision makers in both client agencies and business partner companies, build subject matter expert platforms, and to fill the pipeline for their respective companies with the most qualified leads available."

Amtower has offered B2G marketing seminars and workshops since 1991. He is recognized across the government contracting community as a leading provider of B2G marketing advice and education. He speaks frequently at industry events, hosts the weekly Amtower Off Center on Federal News Radio, and is the author of Amazon best-seller Selling to the Government.

"We think the time is long overdue for professional recognition for marketing and BD professionals in the government contracting, so we are formalizing our educational offering into the first certification program for B2G marketing professionals under the Government Market Master Continuing Professional Education program."

The certification will require attendance and participation in six 4-hour workshops:

  • B2G Content Marketing Workshop
  • LinkedIn for GovCon
  • Government Marketing Best Practices Workshop (GMBP)
  • Differentiation & Developing a Subject Matter Expert Platform Workshop
  • PR/Media Relations & Communicating Your Message
  • B2G Basic Market Research

To learn more about this program, contact Mark Amtower.

Mark Amtower | 301-854-9493 | mark@federaldirect.net

A few thoughts on events claiming senior federal attendance…

Originally posted by Mark Amtower on Federal Direct

Federal executive and manager participation in any and all events is going to suffer significantly over the next few years as a result of the fallout from the GSA PBS fiasco and some other seemingly "over the top" events.

I have spoken to a few senior feds recently regarding the new guidelines for justifying both travel and event participation. In some instances, the justification for travel has become so onerous that it is easier to avoid the entire process even if the travel is truly work related.

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