Next Generation Connectivity Catching Up to This Generation’s Needs

Pandemic-necessitated remote work and increased reliance on online apps and sites for routine everyday tasks like shopping and transportation showed us that Internet connection is a critical utility. It also proved that getting connected is not enough -- the speed and quality of that connection have a huge impact on how we carry out day-to-day activities. In a timely coincidence, this reliance on connectivity comes at a time when networks are improving their service to supply that exact speed and reliability.

Introducing a Whole New Level of Speed: 5G

5G promises to be faster with less latency when connecting to the network. The speeds afforded by 5G mean that visions for smart, connected cities can be logistically achieved as 5G networks will be better able to handle more users, lots of sensors, and heavy traffic. The Department of Veterans Affairs is already tapping into 5G to allow doctors to use augmented reality to look at and manipulate large imaging files, like MRIs or CT scans.

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Green Data Centre Conference & Exhibition | London UK

Originally posted on AOL Energy by Jared Anderson

Optimizing facilities to be more energy efficient saves money and can help corporations meet sustainability targets. Data centers are one area where significant energy saving improvements can often be made and the Green Data Centre Conference and Exhibition offers data center managers and engineers an opportunity to lean about the latest innovations in the rapidly changing sector.

The event provides an intimate setting within which to network and share ideas with roughly 100 peers, experts and thought leaders. Here are a few of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Determine best practices necessary for the continued success of your data centre operations and management - including metrics, measurement and metering insights and evaluations
  • Examine the financial complexities of the data centre including budgeting, financing and real estate considerations
  • Discuss the risk vs. rewards and determine the realities vs. the hype of cloud computing and how it affects the data centre

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