Inside President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

President Biden's $2 trillion infrastructure plan is far-reaching, impacting the way we manage, use, and maintain our nation's critical infrastructure. It also has a considerable impact on the job opportunities available in private companies and government agencies at all levels.


  • Transportation spending is focused not only on improving existing roads and bridges but paving the way for clean energy and modern transit systems  to include electric vehicles, Amtrak repairs, and airport and waterway improvements.
  • Housing and community spending is focused on retrofitting older buildings to be more energy-efficient. Schools also get funding for upgrades and new construction.. Water systems and electrical grids are also being funded for safety and environmental upgrades. For communities at large, $100 billion is earmarked to improve broadband connectivity.
  • Improving care for the elderly and disabled is also a focus of the funding, with $400 billion dedicated to improving wages for caregivers and improving access to care and care facilities.

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Department Spotlight: The Department of Energy

The mission of the Department of Energy (DOE) is "to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions." Technology plays a huge role in both the research surrounding and protection of energy resources.

The DOE may lead the government in their use of supercomputer technology. In fact, supercomputering is one of the key focus areas in the agency's budget. This spring the DOE issued a contract that will allow them to build the world's most powerful computer with a performance greater than 1.5 exaflops. Supercomputers, like the one being built, provide researchers with the needed speed and scale to conduct scientific modeling and simulations as well as utilize AI and analytics for activities as diverse as manufacturing and public health.

Of course, the security of the data running through these supercomputers, as well as the national power grid itself is of paramount focus for the DOE. To support these growing needs, the DOE is looking to blockchain as a way to secure energy delivery and more.

We've pulled together a list of upcoming events that will help the DOE, as well as the companies that serve it, better understand the technologies that can ensure our energy supply remains secure and efficient.

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Green Data Centre Conference & Exhibition | London UK

Originally posted on AOL Energy by Jared Anderson

Optimizing facilities to be more energy efficient saves money and can help corporations meet sustainability targets. Data centers are one area where significant energy saving improvements can often be made and the Green Data Centre Conference and Exhibition offers data center managers and engineers an opportunity to lean about the latest innovations in the rapidly changing sector.

The event provides an intimate setting within which to network and share ideas with roughly 100 peers, experts and thought leaders. Here are a few of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Determine best practices necessary for the continued success of your data centre operations and management - including metrics, measurement and metering insights and evaluations
  • Examine the financial complexities of the data centre including budgeting, financing and real estate considerations
  • Discuss the risk vs. rewards and determine the realities vs. the hype of cloud computing and how it affects the data centre

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2nd Annual Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability Conference

The hydro industry has generally attracted the least attention of all energy types, and yet it remains one of the most vital and - increasingly - one of the most popular new forms of generation in fast-growing regions like Latin American.

Hydro is reliable both in terms of power generation and in returns it can provide investors, which has made it popular for banks seeking investments in renewable generation but increasingly shy of unpredictable outcomes from solar and wind projects.

Hydro is not often associated with innovation, although that is changing as micro-hydro, wave and tidal technology, and hydro upgrades have become more popular. Leaders in maintenance and reliability are taking leadership roles in setting the agenda for hydroelectric facilities planning to operate well beyond their original permitted lives, and their input at this meeting could help set the pace for improvements as well as the generation's resulting popularity with both the general public and within the energy business.

2nd Annual Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability Conference

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35th World Energy Engineering Congress

Originally posted on AOL Energy

The World Energy Engineering Congress is celebrating its 35th year with a combined conference, expo and seminar program. The event brings together business leaders and government officials to discuss the most important energy technologies and services available today.

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