GovTech Intelligence Platform, The Atlas for Cities, bought by Government Executive Media Group

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here's something we wanted to share that was originally posted on TechCrunch.

The Atlas for Cities, the 500 Startups-backed market intelligence platform connecting tech companies with state and local governments, has been acquired by the Growth Catalyst Partners-backed publishing and market intelligence company Government Executive Media Group.

The San Diego-based company will become the latest addition to a stable of publications and services that include the "Route Fifty," a publication for local government and the defense-oriented intelligence service, DefenseOne.

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Using Events to Counter the Challenge of Long Procurement Cycles

Market Connections recently released a study on the marketing practices of Federal Government Contractors. Here at GovEvents we were excited to see some great feedback on the use and effectiveness of events in the marketing mix.

The study took the pulse of the contracting community by surveying 200 government contractors occupying various roles within their respective companies. In terms of marketing, the study found that the long government procurement cycle was the top challenge for marketers and business developers to overcome in reaching government buyers. The study also identified some key marketing tools that have helped contractors use the cycle advantageously.[Tweet "The study identified some key marketing tools that helped #government contractors. #GovEventsBlog"]

The use of thought leadership programs was ranked as the most effective marketing tool by a majority of contractors surveyed (75%), and events are a big part of this mix. The second most effective method cited was specific to event strategy. A large percentage of respondents (71%) reported that speaking at industry-wide tradeshows and conferences was a highly effective strategy for their companies. But it's not just big events that get results. When the data was sliced to look at the responses of executives, "speaking at smaller events" proved to be high ranking in terms of effectiveness.  Hosting events also ranked high with 66% of total respondents saying that vendor-hosted events were an effective marketing strategy.[Tweet "Vendor-hosted events were an effective #govcon marketing strategy. #GovEventsBlog"] Continue reading

Creating an Ultimate Guide to Government

Mark KGovEvents gathers and aggregates the vast number of events geared toward the government community to create a unique and comprehensive source of intelligence. Mark Kagan has taken on an even more daunting task - collecting and synthesizing mountains of data on selected federal agencies to create unique market intelligence guides. With his company, Panoptes Intelligence, Mark is developing comprehensive guides to the "who, what, when, where, how and how much" of government agencies for government contractors. We recently sat down with Mark to learn about the guides and how they are being used in the marketplace.


GE: What is an Ultimate Guide?

MK: An Ultimate Guide pulls together and synthesizes almost ALL publicly available data about an agency and how it does business, with particular focus on its IT and acquisition and procurement. [Tweet "The #UltimateGuide pulls together almost ALL publicly available data about an agency. #GovEventsBlog"] Continue reading

GSA applying its IT model to overhaul of services schedules

From time to time GovEvents will come across information we feel our members and audience would benefit from. Here's something we wanted to share:

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The General Services Administration wants to make it easier for agencies to buy professional, management, technology and a host of other kinds of services from the schedule contracts. To that end, GSA will consolidate seven different professional services contracts into what could end up being one mega- schedule.

Tiffany Hixson, GSA's Federal Acquisition Service's professional services category executive, said the goal is to consolidate the schedules of as many as 500 vendors by November 2015.

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Sequestration, shutdown take a bite out of contractor revenue

Originally posted by Frank Kankel on FCW

WHAT: A study titled "Sequestration and Government Shutdown Negatively Impacting Majority of Government Contractors" by MarketConnections Inc. and Lohfeld Consulting Group, released Dec. 17.

WHY: Federal contractors took major financial hits from sequestration and the 16-day partial government shutdown in October. According to the study, nearly 31 percent of contractors reported revenue declines of more than 10 percent in 2013, with another 30 percent reporting declines of less than 10 percent. Sixteen percent of contractors surveyed - a mix of 220 large, medium and small businesses - flat-lined revenue, while 15 percent managed moderate to significant growth.

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