Federal Decision Makers Crave Connection

Research firm, Market Connections, recently released the 2021 results of their annual Federal Media and Marketing Study. This study looks at how federal buyers and decision makers consume and use media in their professional and personal lives. This insight can be used by contractors and technology companies to inform marketing plans and strategies.


Determining Where Feds Are Physically and Mentally

With respondents being into their second year of teleworking, the results showed two-thirds of federal employees are still primarily working remotely. This report looks at the habits that have stayed consistent from the shift we saw in 2020 and where new preferences are taking shape.

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Make Industry Awards a Vital Part of Your Thought Leadership Program

Originally posted on FedConnects by Joyce Bosc

Many companies would love to do more industry awards, but they don't have the bandwidth to develop a master awards calendar. It's time consuming and requires a lot of "heavy lifting." We know that, so we are making our industry award calendars available for free.

The new year is the perfect time to kick off an industry award program. According to research issued last year by Market Connections and Boscobel, industry awards can be a key part of a company's thought leadership program, along with public relations, content marketing, social media and other activities.

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Sequestration, shutdown take a bite out of contractor revenue

Originally posted by Frank Kankel on FCW

WHAT: A study titled "Sequestration and Government Shutdown Negatively Impacting Majority of Government Contractors" by MarketConnections Inc. and Lohfeld Consulting Group, released Dec. 17.

WHY: Federal contractors took major financial hits from sequestration and the 16-day partial government shutdown in October. According to the study, nearly 31 percent of contractors reported revenue declines of more than 10 percent in 2013, with another 30 percent reporting declines of less than 10 percent. Sixteen percent of contractors surveyed - a mix of 220 large, medium and small businesses - flat-lined revenue, while 15 percent managed moderate to significant growth.

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Your Government Events Strategy in the Face of Upheaval

Originally posted mattl on FedConnects

10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

The government sales and marketing experts at immixGroup recently put out two great posts on the Government Sales Insider blog to help contractors respond to decreased attendance by government at events and the ongoing cancellation of government events.

immixGroup's 10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful will help contractors ensure good outcomes and ROI. Their second post suggested using Market Connections' recent government events infographic to justify your event plans to the C-suite:

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More Event Cancellations + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

Originally posted by Allan Rubin on immixGroup

First, here's some news on continued government event cancellations. Word on the street is that GFIRST 2013 will not take place this year "due to all of the budgetary/travel restrictions." Scheduled from August 25 to 30, the Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (GFIRST) "is a group of technical and tactical practitioners from incident response and security response teams responsible for securing government information technology systems and providing private sector support." There's no official posting yet, but expect one soon. That's too bad, as this has been a successful event for many of our clients in the past. Hopefully it will be again in the future.

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