Job Fairs to Become Two Ring Events With Online and In-Person Options

Job Fairs exist to provide both job seekers and employers a convenient place to get access to a large number of what they are looking for -- jobs or qualified people. During the pandemic this process became even more convenient and scaled to provide more access to people and companies as these events moved online.

Like every organization, Job Fair organizers had to make a quick shift in March 2020 to move their events online. From canceling physical venues to choosing an online platform, these organizations were able to get up and running in a matter of weeks. Virtual Job Fairs generally allow visitors to click on a company's "booth" and read through material on their work, benefits, and open opportunities. Conversations typically begin with a text chat and can be elevated into a video chat with just a click for more in depth discussions.

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Next Week in Baltimore! TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event at CyberMaryland 2013

CyberMaryland 2013, a two-day event at the epicenter of the nation's cyber security innovation and education, will create opportunities for networking and idea sharing amongst the many cyber leaders and professionals across the country, including: federal, state and local government agencies, academic institutions, cyber security entrepreneurs, and industry leaders of research and development.

The TECHEXPO Cyber Security hiring event will take place on the first day of the conference. TECHEXPO Cyber Security is the nation's efficient & comprehensive hiring event for connecting leading companies & Cyber Warriors.

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LAST CHANCE to Win the Title of 2011’s BEST Government Event!

LAST CHANCE! Do any of your 2011 events deserve to be the BEST Government Event of 2011? Tell your supporters to Nominate or Vote for it to Win the Title of 2011's BEST Government Event!

We've made it easy to get nominated--just use one (or all!) of the following techniques to spread the word! Copy the verbiage below, paste it into the corresponding communication tool, and replace the items in red bold with the correct information. TITLE OF EVENT = the event you would like to nominate.

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