Let’s Go to the (Job) Fair!

Looking for a new job may be a goal for 2019, a result of feeling job (or pay) insecurity, or perhaps out of necessity. In today's job hunting process, a lot of the searching (and even interviewing) happens online. But even in the age of LinkedIn, Monster, and Skype, there's still a huge place for job fairs as they benefit both job seekers and employers alike. In-person job fairs provide the efficiency of online sites and the face-to-face connection of video interviews.

Job fairs are a great opportunity for recruiters to build up their resume pipelines and an efficient way to knock out initial interviews. In the government market especially, job fairs prove to be a critical way to make sure that contractors can staff up quickly to get started on new contracts. Connecting with people that already hold key clearances and specialized skills ensures that when the opportunity arises, they will be able to tell the customer, "Yes, we have someone that can do that."

For job seekers, job fairs are also a great use of time to be able to meet with a large number of potential employers at one time and get a feel for what companies have to offer. Having access to dozens of people that want to look at your resume provides an opportunity for amazing feedback on what you have to offer. Talking to a variety of companies can give an individual a range of perspectives. First, it's a great way to get a pulse on the job market - what jobs are out there and in demand. Second, it is a smart way to survey the market and figure out areas in your experience that stand out and areas where you need more development. Continue reading

Jobbing the Job Fair

We recently featured some tips on how companies can get the most out of job fairs and open houses.  Now it's time to look at the other side -- how can government job seekers get the most out of attending job fairs? Here are some of our thoughts:[Tweet "How can government job seekers get the most out of job fairs? #GovEventsBlog"]

  • Treat it as an interview - Job fair organizers, like Bradford Rand of TechExpo, say overwhelmingly that job seekers are expecting interviews at the job fairs. With many job seekers still employed, these fairs are one-stop-shops for them to get an initial foot in the door with a number of companies while only taking one day of PTO. So, advice to seekers is be prepared to interview - your peers at the event will be doing so and the companies exhibiting are expecting you to be ready for an interview.

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Seeking Job Seekers?

The hiring market for top technology talent is always competitive. Finding not only technical experts, but the right mix of personality and clearances is critical for business success. Many organizations turn to hiring events to broaden the pool of talent in their pipeline. But what type of event is right for your company? And how do you ensure your hiring event is a success?[Tweet "How do you ensure your hiring event is a success? #GovEventsBlog"] Continue reading

Next Week in Baltimore! TECHEXPO Cyber Security Hiring Event at CyberMaryland 2013

CyberMaryland 2013, a two-day event at the epicenter of the nation's cyber security innovation and education, will create opportunities for networking and idea sharing amongst the many cyber leaders and professionals across the country, including: federal, state and local government agencies, academic institutions, cyber security entrepreneurs, and industry leaders of research and development.

The TECHEXPO Cyber Security hiring event will take place on the first day of the conference. TECHEXPO Cyber Security is the nation's efficient & comprehensive hiring event for connecting leading companies & Cyber Warriors.

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