Supporting Veterans In Their Second Act

Each year approximately 200,000 servicemembers transition to the civilian world. For many, this means finding a new career path and unfortunately, this search can prove to be incredibly difficult. The unemployment rate among veterans tends to be higher than the general population. Two major challenges drive this statistic: First is the complexity of translating military work experience into civilian terms. Second is the difficulty for many active-duty military to complete traditional education, certification, and licensing programs in a timely manner. Continue reading

Let’s Go to the (Job) Fair!

Looking for a new job may be a goal for 2019, a result of feeling job (or pay) insecurity, or perhaps out of necessity. In today's job hunting process, a lot of the searching (and even interviewing) happens online. But even in the age of LinkedIn, Monster, and Skype, there's still a huge place for job fairs as they benefit both job seekers and employers alike. In-person job fairs provide the efficiency of online sites and the face-to-face connection of video interviews.

Job fairs are a great opportunity for recruiters to build up their resume pipelines and an efficient way to knock out initial interviews. In the government market especially, job fairs prove to be a critical way to make sure that contractors can staff up quickly to get started on new contracts. Connecting with people that already hold key clearances and specialized skills ensures that when the opportunity arises, they will be able to tell the customer, "Yes, we have someone that can do that."

For job seekers, job fairs are also a great use of time to be able to meet with a large number of potential employers at one time and get a feel for what companies have to offer. Having access to dozens of people that want to look at your resume provides an opportunity for amazing feedback on what you have to offer. Talking to a variety of companies can give an individual a range of perspectives. First, it's a great way to get a pulse on the job market - what jobs are out there and in demand. Second, it is a smart way to survey the market and figure out areas in your experience that stand out and areas where you need more development. Continue reading

When Retirement Means Getting a New Job

When people retire from the military it does not always mean their days will be filled with golfing and beach-side living. Many veterans retire in their 30s or 40s leaving a whole second half of their professional lives to figure out. And, many who retire from their military career are not ready to retire from professional service. Our veterans bring a deep level of experience and commitment to the private sector but many struggle to translate what they did in the military to an equally fulfilling and challenging job.[Tweet "Many who retire from their military career are not ready to retire from professional service. #GovEventsBlog"]

Each year, between 240,000 and 360,000 people separate from the military (whether through retirement or completion of duty). To meet this need for guided transition, the DoD has set up a number of organizations to assist veterans in making the transition to civilian careers including Transition Assistance Program (TAP) and the Department of Labor's Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS). The private sector also has a number of  non-profit organizations such as the NVTC Veterans Employment Initiative and Serving Together. On the for-profit front, there are a host of employment agencies catered to helping vets translate military experience into new careers.[Tweet "Each year, between 240K and 360K people separate from the military. #GovEventsBlog"] Continue reading

‘Luke’s Wings’ Reunites Wounded Warriors With Loved Ones

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Army SPC Brett Claycamp was seriously wounded in Afghanistan more than a year ago, and his intense recovery at Walter Reed Army Medical Center left him far away from friends and family.

That's where Luke's Wings came in, an organization that reunites wounded warriors, veterans and heroes with their loved ones when they need them most. Continue reading

BOSH Global Services to host 3rd Annual BBQ Lunch Raising Funds for Wounded Warriors

Newport News, VA - BOSH Global Services hosts their third annual "BBQ Lunch for Wounded Warriors" on October 4th, from 11:00 to 1:00 at 1 Compass Way in Newport News. The fundraiser, open to the public, benefits Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program (VWWP), non-profit organizations dedicated to honoring, empowering and assisting wounded service members.

The outpouring of support for this event has great impact each year. In its first two years, this BOSH event resulted in total contributions exceeding $40,000! BOSH employees, owners and supporters work together to welcome the community and celebrate our nation's heroes.

The menu includes slow-roasted pork barbecue on a bun, coleslaw, baked beans, dessert and drinks. Like last year, BOSH plans for a sunny afternoon on the lawn outside BOSH's corporate headquarters. Attendees will enjoy lunch, live music, and an opportunity to recognize the dedication of our nation's service members.

Tickets, on sale August 26, are available at the BOSH office and website (, or from any BOSH employee. Call 757-271-3428 for details, and secure tickets early as the tickets sold out in 2012!

For more information about WWP and VWWP programs, visit and WWP serves military members who incurred service connected wounds, injuries, or illnesses. Their staff works to foster the most successful, well adjusted generation of wounded service members in American history. VWWP provides a network of community-based services to help veterans and families overcome the challenges of stress-related and traumatic brain injuries.

"The support we received from our friends in the community last year was staggering," said BOSH employee Josie Pearson, who leads the fundraising effort. "We look forward to experiencing the same, heartwarming levels of attendees, volunteers, and donations as in 2013".

BOSH Global Services is a veteran-owned company offering turnkey technical and operational support services. BOSH supports mission-critical unmanned systems, first responder communications networks, video distribution technology, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems. The company's core competencies include command and control systems operations and support, mission planning, hands-on technical and operational training, 24x7 communications and network support, ISR data analysis, lifecycle management, and flight operations, maintenance and training support. BOSH is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

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